Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Personal Training

My good friend, Ms. T and I, were at the gym. I have temporarily joined a second gym. Yes,  goofy, but I get a great month to month deal through my employer. We were attempting a weight machine, when I made it go **Clang!** A trainer walked by and gave me a hard time about breaking the machine. We chat with him for awhile... new training, just got out of the Marines, and he told us to come do our free orientation with him.

So we did. And at the end of it, Ms. T had signed up for 9 personal training sessions with me as her sidekick! Ms. T has always struggled to get in shape (at least in the 5 years I've known her) and felt like this was the only way to ensure success. We had had success one other time when we did a boot camp together. At this gym, it doesn't cost any extra for me to tag along, so when I can, I will and just give her money towards the cost of that session.

We had our first session last night.  Oh my gosh, I've lost a lot of strength.  This will be good for me too!  I love the idea of personal training and think I would really benefit from it... just not as much of a fan of the cost! It's fun doing with a friend as well. So this should help, since he is also going to function as an accountability buddy!  We even have to do a food diary. Ms. T is doing the next two on her own while I'm out of town, and then I'll join up again.

I'm excited!