Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday Yes... Sunday No

Saturday I got up with T a little after 6am. While he left for work, I putted around a little watching SuperNanny and working on a report until the sun came up. Then I headed out and did a nice slow 3.25 mile run around the neighborhood. While it was slow, I was happy to have done it.

The rest of Saturday was busy... I worked from 9:30-4:45, then went off to scrapbook for the night.

Sunday I woke up feeling miserable... my throat hurt and I could not stop sneezing. After lots of medication, I felt just well enough to run a couple of quick errands with T then curl up on the couch. Needless to say the 7-8 mile run did not happen.

Tonight I am babysitting right after work until 11pm or so, so I won't get to run today either.

So tomorrow... I need to do some major make up running!

Friday, February 5, 2010

3 Miles: Not as Planned

After work yesterday I met T at the gym with the plan to do 3 miles on the treadmill. I had not had a great day and was just generally grumpy. My legs felt tight and I wanted to do anything but run. So I trudged through a mile, then we stretched and headed to the pool. There we played. We played catch, we raced down water slides (yes, my gym does rock), we play catch while sliding down water slides! I needed play time :-)

So today... I had to do the remaining 2 miles. I got home, changed, and headed out quickly before dinner. I did 1.75 in 16 minutes for a 9:04 pace. The Garmin wasn't working right and only had me recorded at .72 miles, so I had to google map it.

I'm going to count that as 3 and just add a little onto tomorrow's 3 miler. T is working the day shift, so he should be out of the house by 6:15am. I have to leave for work at 9am, so that should give me plenty of time to run 3.25 and have time to prep for the day. I'll get next week's running plan hammered out this weekend as well.

Mileage Goal: 25/1000

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interval Success!

I went to the gym tonight with the goal of doing 7 X 400s at an 8mi mile pace. That's 2 minutes per 400. I gave myself a minute walking work up and 1 minute intervals between each 400. I walked the intervals at a 3.5mph pace. I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I was determined to give it a shot!

And guess what?!

I DID IT! It was awesome :-) After, I jogged out an easy remained 400m to make it an even 2 miles run. (I did a total of 2.5 with the walking intervals)

Tomorrow I just have the Fitness Pilates on the schedule :-) Maybe I'll fit in a walk with the puppies

Mileage Goal: 22/1000

4 down!

I headed to the gym after work last night and had just enough time to get in 2.5 quick-ish miles before the Core class I wanted to try started. I finished in 24 minutes for a 9:36 pace.

The Core class was okay; I liked the fitness pilates a little better, but it was just 30 minutes. After, I dragged myself to the treadmill to do another 1.5 slow miles (12:00min/mile pace) to finish up the 4 miles I had planned.

Mileage Goals: 20/1000

Monday, February 1, 2010

Half Marathon Training Plan

I have 8 weeks until my half marathon and I really need a plan. I have semi used Hal Higdon in the past and I'm a fan! Given that, I am going to use (and just slightly modify for my schedule) his intermediate half marathon training plan.

Today: 4mi run
Tuesday: 7 X 400 at 5K pace
Wednesday: Fitness Pilates (unless I have a meeting, then just stretching at home)
Thursday: 3 mi run + strength
Friday: rest, or strength
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: 8 miles