Monday, November 22, 2010

Marine Corp Marathon!

We at the airport Friday morning bright and early for a 5:30am flight. At the airport I ran into an old running buddy who asked if we were going to the rally? Rally?  What rally? It turns out the Cobert/Stewart rally to restore sanity was going on in DC at the same time!

After T and I got there, we checked into the hotel and headed to the Expo. It was crazy and we picked up our turtleneck long sleeve black race shirts. We also picked up two Marine Corp Marathon Christmas ornaments for my Grandpa (a marine) and ourselves.

We were both exhausted we went for dinner at 4pm at my favorite Old Ebbitt's Grill.

We wandered back to the hotel, changed into bathing suits and fell asleep before we made it to the pool!!!

T's brother came in late, so the boys went to grab food while I continued to sleep.

We went to grab breakfast and head to Air and Space Smithsonian. We had a good time, and when we left the rally was in full swing!  Silly us, we decided to walk through the rally just to see how it was.  45 minutes or so later, we made it across the mall, losing T's brother in the process!!!  T's parents made it in at this point and we met them at the hotel and relaxed until dinner. We had the Organization for Autism Research dinner (we fundraised) which was delicious and really nice. I tried to go to bed early, but we got sucked into watching Titantic... finally falling asleep around midnight.

Sunday: Race Day!!!
We were up and out just a few minutes behind schedule. and went to catch the metro. It was running funny and so we arrived at the race station right at start time. By the time we walked the mile to the start line, people were still waiting to start. We started about a half hour after the first person. It was perfect weather, cool and sunny, and I started with sleeves on (that I bought at NWM!) We took it slow and did well up the first hill at Mile 3. T's brother had multiple surgery's back and February and should not have been running. I left T around mile 4 while he waited to check on his brother. (His brother ended up making it somewhere between the 10K and 15K mark)  I just cruised on feeling good!  I was worried about hurting my calf again, so at the 1/3 mark I began to run walk. The rest was gorgeous, and I loved almost all of it. The worst part was the 1.5 mile bridge that just wouldn't end. It was awful, and I walked all of it. The remaining 5-6 miles were AWESOME. I love it, and I finished strong! Being the Marine Corp Marathon, half of the last .2 was a straight up hill!  According to my watch, I ran 26.5 miles in 5:34:51 for a 12:38 pace.

We then had a fantastic dinner and went to bed early!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon 2010

So finally, a race recap.  It was an incredibly humbling experience. Let's look at the good, bad, and silver lining:

* The energy was great in the beginning
* The first 10 miles were gorgeous; weather was perfect
* I powered up the big hills

* My hips and calves were so tight that I started walking around mile 11
* After running/walking for the next ~5 miles, my left calf started cramping like nothing else. I almost stumbled a few times
* I then had to walk the whole remaining 10 miles or so because my calf physically would not let me run
* The weather turned on me.. all along Ocean Highway it was cold and rainy... for the whole last 10 miles
* I finished with mild hyperthermia and was miserable
* The Facebook messages messed up and said I finished before it said I hit 21.7, so I missed my mom and T along the way. I saw no one :-(
* It took me 6 hours... my Garmin gave out at mile 25.15
* It took me so long they had run out of 2010 Tiffany's necklaces

Silver Linings
* Some nice guy around mile 25 with an umbrella walked with me for a quarter mile
* I got to eat all you can eat steamed crabs just a couple hours after! Yum!
* Because they ran out of 2010 necklaces, I got 2008's... and they are sending me 2010's!
* Because of the necklace incident, I have guaranteed entry into 2011's race, so I can REDEEM MYSELF!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bootie Buster!

I'm participating in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!
And I promise I will get my two marathon race reports up soon... it's back to the gym this weekend!