Friday, April 30, 2010

Starting Training...

The best way for me to actually get a run in is to not go home first! So I packed my running clothes, went to my last client, changed and ran at the golf course near them.

It was absolutely gorgeous out, humid, and a bit of a breeze. I hadn't run there before so I wasn't sure what I was up against. Turn out: HILLS! Tons of them... so I did about 3 miles (no Garmin) running and walked a little more than a mile probably.

Today I got a break and had a client cancel so I can fit in a run, extra work, and happy hour!

Mileage Goal: 82/1000

Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Marathons Two Weeks Apart


So T signed us up for the Marine Corp Marathon fund raising through the Organization for Autism Research. If you are interested in donating, please visit
There's a link to T's page there as well!

It has been amazing to see old friend and coworkers who have come out of the woodwork and donated. :-D

Then just last week... Friday I believe, I got an email saying I had won the lottery and gotten an entry to the Nike Women's Marathon on San Francisco. Yep, the one where hot men in tuxes with silver platters give you Tiffany's jewelry as you cross the finish line!

Here's the kicker...
Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco: October 17, 2010

Marine Corp Marathon in D.C. : October 31, 2010

Yep, that's right folks, just a mere two weeks and 3000 miles separating the two marathons.

I'm going to have to really train this time... ;-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jess at Run Girl Run Contest!

Jess over at Run Girl Run is having a blog-aversary giveaway! It's good one too, some awesome shirts from Thriv. I've tried on there shirts before and they are SUPER comfortable! Check it out!

Marine Corp Marathon!!!

As most know, the Marine Corp Marathon is a favorite of many. Registration fill up in less than a day. We missed registration. We had vaguely talked about doing it this year. Thursday afternoon, I get an emailing asking me to sponsor T for the Organization for Autism Research for the Marine Corp Marathon. A few minutes later, he forwarded me my registration as well!!!

So now to start training. Since people have to donate money to a charity dear to my heart in order for us to get a entry, I'm even more motivated to train properly! If you are interested in donating, please visit:


1st Trail Race

Yesterday, T and I did our first trail race. Now T twisted his ankle some during the Cap10K and neglected to tell me he had it wrapped all week. He still went and signed up for the trail race with me. It was raining and muddy, and we decided just to have fun with it and bond. We ran some, we walked some, and overall enjoyed ourselves. I was SO tired the rest of the day and in bed before 10pm. It was an 11K and we think we ran a little over half of it, so I'm giving myself credit for 4 miles.

Mileage Goal: 79/1000

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cap10K Race Report!

I woke up last Sunday with heavy legs. The right one even ached a little. Waiting for the race to start, I was a bit apprehensive. I hadn't really run in a week. The Cap10K is a BIG race! There are a few costume and over 20,000 runners and walkers. It's usually a fun time: bands every other mile, lots of interesting people watching. I have done this race every year I've lived in Austin.

Mile 1: 9:48: As anyone who has done a big race knows, the first mile is always a little slow given the crowds. This mile was actually faster than I would have thought. The first mile is a slight uphill to the capitol and around it with a little downhill then. I began to feel strong!

Mile 2: 9:30: There is still a big crowd and will be the entire race, but it wasn't as tightly packed as the first mile. This miles had some good up and down hills, but I was surprised when I saw Mile 2 all ready. I was feeling SO strong on the hills and just powering up them!

Mile 3: 9:42: This mile encompassed the last set of big old hills! There were a little tough, but I powered up them and used the flats as recovery. I hit the mile 3 marker and felt the urge to run faster even.

Mile 4: 9:03: So faster I did run! A good amount faster! This mile had just little slopes up and down and I was feeling good!!! I felt as if I should slow down and pace myself more but it just feel too right at that pace. I forgot how good it felt to find a nice fast pace.

Mile 5: 9:16: I was a little tired from that last mile and the ground was really uneven here which bothers that stubborn toe. I kept pushing knowing there wasn't that much left. Since I don't tend to stop for water on 10Ks I just kept moving along. This mile definitely felt like I was going slowing than 9:16, but apparently not!

Mile 6: 9:24: This was my hardest mile of it all. It's a gradual uphill to the bridge then over the bridge. I was really feeling it in the legs; they were tired! But I am not one to walk the last mile!!! Not after I had come this far feeling this good. I remembered back to last year and how it felt much worse then.

Final .31 (by the Garmin): 2:21, 7:40 pace: Yep, I kicked it. I LOVE sprinting it in at the end of a race. So the Garmin had me running an extra .21 for the race. I finished, guzzled a bottle of water, saw I was under an hour and my negative split and felt AWESOME!

Garmin Totals: .6.31 miles , 59:08 , 9:23 mile pace
Race Site: 6.2 miles , 59:04 , 9:31 mile pace.

I love racing!

To round out the Cap10K, I was done a doctors appointment earlier than planned and had about a half hour to kill. I ran 1.7 miles, doing the first mile fast around 8:30 and jogging the .7 before jumping in the shower to head back to work.

Mileage Goal: 75/1000

Monday, April 5, 2010

1 Mile at A Time!

As I was typing the title, it seems I have used this title before... that says a lot!

Anyways, T's brother was in town this weekend. He had ACL surgery about 2 months ago and PT is going well. Since he said he could run a little, we ended up running the mile around the block.

In other not so fun news, just hiking, with occasionally 30 sec running with one of my clients, my toe was throbbing. I think I need to see an orthopedic.

Mileage Goal: 67/1000