Friday, April 16, 2010

Cap10K Race Report!

I woke up last Sunday with heavy legs. The right one even ached a little. Waiting for the race to start, I was a bit apprehensive. I hadn't really run in a week. The Cap10K is a BIG race! There are a few costume and over 20,000 runners and walkers. It's usually a fun time: bands every other mile, lots of interesting people watching. I have done this race every year I've lived in Austin.

Mile 1: 9:48: As anyone who has done a big race knows, the first mile is always a little slow given the crowds. This mile was actually faster than I would have thought. The first mile is a slight uphill to the capitol and around it with a little downhill then. I began to feel strong!

Mile 2: 9:30: There is still a big crowd and will be the entire race, but it wasn't as tightly packed as the first mile. This miles had some good up and down hills, but I was surprised when I saw Mile 2 all ready. I was feeling SO strong on the hills and just powering up them!

Mile 3: 9:42: This mile encompassed the last set of big old hills! There were a little tough, but I powered up them and used the flats as recovery. I hit the mile 3 marker and felt the urge to run faster even.

Mile 4: 9:03: So faster I did run! A good amount faster! This mile had just little slopes up and down and I was feeling good!!! I felt as if I should slow down and pace myself more but it just feel too right at that pace. I forgot how good it felt to find a nice fast pace.

Mile 5: 9:16: I was a little tired from that last mile and the ground was really uneven here which bothers that stubborn toe. I kept pushing knowing there wasn't that much left. Since I don't tend to stop for water on 10Ks I just kept moving along. This mile definitely felt like I was going slowing than 9:16, but apparently not!

Mile 6: 9:24: This was my hardest mile of it all. It's a gradual uphill to the bridge then over the bridge. I was really feeling it in the legs; they were tired! But I am not one to walk the last mile!!! Not after I had come this far feeling this good. I remembered back to last year and how it felt much worse then.

Final .31 (by the Garmin): 2:21, 7:40 pace: Yep, I kicked it. I LOVE sprinting it in at the end of a race. So the Garmin had me running an extra .21 for the race. I finished, guzzled a bottle of water, saw I was under an hour and my negative split and felt AWESOME!

Garmin Totals: .6.31 miles , 59:08 , 9:23 mile pace
Race Site: 6.2 miles , 59:04 , 9:31 mile pace.

I love racing!

To round out the Cap10K, I was done a doctors appointment earlier than planned and had about a half hour to kill. I ran 1.7 miles, doing the first mile fast around 8:30 and jogging the .7 before jumping in the shower to head back to work.

Mileage Goal: 75/1000

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