Sunday, July 18, 2010

Successful morning run!!!

I got up nice and early, before 6am this morning and threw in some laundry and head out to one of our nice parks here. I did a solid 6 miles at just under a 10 min pace, walked for 10 minutes, stretched, then ran a mile in. So 7 miles before 8:30am. I love it!

Since the last post, I have done today's 7, a 5K (3), one 4 miler at the gym and one 3 miler at the gym. That's a grand total of 17!

Mileage Goal: 176/1000

Perhaps, I should make the goal 500 or 700 instead...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick Mileage Update

Although I did set my goal at "running" 1000 miles, I am counting run walks and long fast walks my mom and I took together when I was home.

June 11: 4 miles
June 12: 6 miles
June 13: 2.5 miles
June 14: 3.5 miles
June 16: 8 miles
June 23: 3 miles
June 25: 4 miles
July 5: 3 miles

Yes, there are some giant gaps. I will address those later...

Mileage Goal: 159/1000