Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hungry All the Time

Since the half on Saturday, I am hungry all day long! It starts pretty soon after waking up and I have trouble staying satiated. Oddly it wears off in the evening... just in time for dinner with T. He made steaks last night that I couldn't turn down though!

So perhaps I need to adjust my diet, or tweak something. All ideas are welcome!

Getting Back to the Gym

The last two nights T and I are getting back into the gym routine. While we only work out for about 45 minutes it's still better than nothing. To just get the legs moving I biked an easy 5 miles on Monday and then stretched a ton.

Last night I headed for the treadmill! T has recently convinced me that it's best to set it to random, since it's never just flat outside. So I did a super slow 5mph at random, and did an easy 2.5. My toe started to really ache, and T has finished his weights, so I stopped and stretched.

Mileage Goals: 66/1000

Monday, March 29, 2010

Half Marathon Done!

So in my usual style, I went into the race without really training. I tried out some new socks Thursday night and did an easy mile and a half to put me at 50.5/1000 miles so far. I discovered that thick socks and my feet do not get along! It's so comfy at first, then quickly my feet feel like they are suffocating!

Saturday morning the alarm failed to go off. My roomie, who was also running, left without even knocking on my door. I woke up at 6:05 and hauled to try and make it to the shuttle stop at 6:45... We got there at 6:47. Doh. Luckily, one of the race coordinators was super nice and let me ride with him and I got dropped off right at the start line!

So this was the Zooma half... by far the hardest half I have done (I've only done three but still!) It was WAY harder than SF. The first 7-8 miles were just up and down hills, no real flats at all. Then some little hills, and then the last 2.5 is curving through a flat golf course. That means tiny lanes with lots of people and tons of tight turns. It was miserable. A little before mile 8 my knee started to lock. Not wanting to push it I switched to run/walking at mile 8.

I finished in just shy of 2:26... :-( I'm not super happy, but I still finished. My usual half time is 2:17. Next time...

So of course; despite being MISERABLE, I spent last night looking up other races. There is an 11K trail race nearby in about 3 weeks which would be fun to try! I have a 10K in two weeks. And there is also a 10K in 4 weeks.

It's funny how a half marathon doesn't seem that big of a deal anymore... even though I didn't run it all this time...

Mileage Goal: 63.5/1000

Monday, March 15, 2010

Foot Go Numb

I went out for a run this afternoon since my last client was sick. I was feeling good and moving fast for me. The first mile was 9:11, then 9:32, then 10:07. It was a hilly route especially the last mile. Then my foot started to go numb. Now my toe goes numb; I'm used to that. But usually not my entire foot. I think it had to do with some big uphills and downhills where I was running on the balls of my feet mainly. Anyways, I walked a little after about 3.75 and tried running for a block or two after a big hill, but my foot was one big numb block. It felt like I was wearing ski boats! Even after walking half a mile it was barely started to come "un-numb". So I went to Carrabba's and they let me call T, and he came and picked me up. So I'm counting it as 3.5 miles.

So mileage count: 49/1000

Missing my old running buddy

Last week my old roommate and running buddy, E, was back in town. It was so great to see her and we managed to get a few runs in together!

On Thursday, I ran a total of 5.5 miles... I did a a quick mile in the morning, then did ~1.5 waiting for her at the trail, then we did another 3 together. Wednesday and Friday were 12 hour work days, and T and I slept in on Saturday so I didn't have time for a run before work. As soon as I was done work we headed off to see his family about 2 hours away for Saturday and Sunday.

I have another 12 hour day today, so I'm not sure about a run... still have that sore throat too. But tomorrow I am done early and will definitely get a good run in and hopefully the gym too!

Mileage Goal: 45.5/1000

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another 4 Miles!

Last night one of my old roommates who is visited went running with me. She had already done 4.5, but went with me for another 3. We probably would have done another mile, but her stomach was not happy with her so we walked the last mile.

Then my other roommate, who is not a runner, but trying to get in shape wanted to go for a short 1 mile jog around the house, so I joined.

Slowly getting the mileage up!

Mileage Goal: 40/1000 = 4%!

(I know we are about 20% through the year...gotta pick it up!)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 more down...

T and I headed to the gym last night... I thought about trying a yoga class, but just ran instead. I did a solid 3 (10 min pace) then some good stretching, abs, and legs. All in all a semi success....

We're off to the gym again tomorrow... I need to start upping the mileage soon! Next week is much lighter, so hopefully!

Mileage Goal: 35/1000

Monday, March 8, 2010

Funny Hips & Legs + short runs

I have been slacking on the running... it's probably been 2-3 weeks since my last run. It's pathetic I know! It's been a whirlwind of starting with 3 new clients, and one new contract position (without dropping anything) a semi unschedule quick trip that threw scheduling all off, and generally not feeling so well.

Still. I have 19 days until the half and need to get my butt in gear!

Friday, I went to see a PT about some other issues. I had mentioned that we have uneven hips in the family and perhaps that might have to do with the other issue. So she felt my hips and said, 'Oh! Something's not right." Basically, my right hip rotates forward; when she makes them even I feel like i'm pointing right a little. And apparently, my right leg is 1/2 longer than my left... go figure!

So Saturday, T went off to work briefly, and i went out running. The Garmin was having trouble getting a signal, but I ran a good 3 miles and walked 1. My right foot was hurting in a new way...

Sunday, I was sadly sore and went off to the gym in the afternoon. I ran an easy 1 mile, then did a bunch of stretching and lunges and abs, which felt good. Need to get a couple miles in this evening. I finish work early today so I should have no excuse! I also need to get new running shoes...

Mileage Goal: 32/1000