Monday, March 15, 2010

Missing my old running buddy

Last week my old roommate and running buddy, E, was back in town. It was so great to see her and we managed to get a few runs in together!

On Thursday, I ran a total of 5.5 miles... I did a a quick mile in the morning, then did ~1.5 waiting for her at the trail, then we did another 3 together. Wednesday and Friday were 12 hour work days, and T and I slept in on Saturday so I didn't have time for a run before work. As soon as I was done work we headed off to see his family about 2 hours away for Saturday and Sunday.

I have another 12 hour day today, so I'm not sure about a run... still have that sore throat too. But tomorrow I am done early and will definitely get a good run in and hopefully the gym too!

Mileage Goal: 45.5/1000

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