Monday, March 8, 2010

Funny Hips & Legs + short runs

I have been slacking on the running... it's probably been 2-3 weeks since my last run. It's pathetic I know! It's been a whirlwind of starting with 3 new clients, and one new contract position (without dropping anything) a semi unschedule quick trip that threw scheduling all off, and generally not feeling so well.

Still. I have 19 days until the half and need to get my butt in gear!

Friday, I went to see a PT about some other issues. I had mentioned that we have uneven hips in the family and perhaps that might have to do with the other issue. So she felt my hips and said, 'Oh! Something's not right." Basically, my right hip rotates forward; when she makes them even I feel like i'm pointing right a little. And apparently, my right leg is 1/2 longer than my left... go figure!

So Saturday, T went off to work briefly, and i went out running. The Garmin was having trouble getting a signal, but I ran a good 3 miles and walked 1. My right foot was hurting in a new way...

Sunday, I was sadly sore and went off to the gym in the afternoon. I ran an easy 1 mile, then did a bunch of stretching and lunges and abs, which felt good. Need to get a couple miles in this evening. I finish work early today so I should have no excuse! I also need to get new running shoes...

Mileage Goal: 32/1000

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