Monday, March 15, 2010

Foot Go Numb

I went out for a run this afternoon since my last client was sick. I was feeling good and moving fast for me. The first mile was 9:11, then 9:32, then 10:07. It was a hilly route especially the last mile. Then my foot started to go numb. Now my toe goes numb; I'm used to that. But usually not my entire foot. I think it had to do with some big uphills and downhills where I was running on the balls of my feet mainly. Anyways, I walked a little after about 3.75 and tried running for a block or two after a big hill, but my foot was one big numb block. It felt like I was wearing ski boats! Even after walking half a mile it was barely started to come "un-numb". So I went to Carrabba's and they let me call T, and he came and picked me up. So I'm counting it as 3.5 miles.

So mileage count: 49/1000

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