Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon 2010

So finally, a race recap.  It was an incredibly humbling experience. Let's look at the good, bad, and silver lining:

* The energy was great in the beginning
* The first 10 miles were gorgeous; weather was perfect
* I powered up the big hills

* My hips and calves were so tight that I started walking around mile 11
* After running/walking for the next ~5 miles, my left calf started cramping like nothing else. I almost stumbled a few times
* I then had to walk the whole remaining 10 miles or so because my calf physically would not let me run
* The weather turned on me.. all along Ocean Highway it was cold and rainy... for the whole last 10 miles
* I finished with mild hyperthermia and was miserable
* The Facebook messages messed up and said I finished before it said I hit 21.7, so I missed my mom and T along the way. I saw no one :-(
* It took me 6 hours... my Garmin gave out at mile 25.15
* It took me so long they had run out of 2010 Tiffany's necklaces

Silver Linings
* Some nice guy around mile 25 with an umbrella walked with me for a quarter mile
* I got to eat all you can eat steamed crabs just a couple hours after! Yum!
* Because they ran out of 2010 necklaces, I got 2008's... and they are sending me 2010's!
* Because of the necklace incident, I have guaranteed entry into 2011's race, so I can REDEEM MYSELF!!

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  1. you did great girl!!! hopefully i can be in the bay for this race next year and can cheer you on! the necklaces this year were so awesome.