Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nike Women's Marathon 2012!

It's been awhile... both posting here and running! Last I left off I was trying to do some last minute training for the NWM 2011; well it paid off and I managed to come in just under 5:15! (Which is about a 15 minute PR)  I followed that up a few weeks later with the San Antonio Marathon. That one was sunny and hot and I had a great first 10 miles and then the sun came out and I took my sweet ole time, finishing around my traditional 5:34.

Then life hit! Business is going extremely well... which means I am beyond busy. I bailed on the Austin Half (although got my awesome 3M swag), deferred the Austin Full... and just completely bailed on the Dallas rock-n-roll Half.

Today is my birthday! I was up early enjoying some tea and a magazine out back when a got an email from Nike Women's Marathon... I was once again selected through the random drawing!!!!

WOOHOO! Happy Birthday to me!!!

Now to figure out how to actually train this time... ideas?!  I'm doing a 5K this weekend!

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