Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Revamping the Plan

More like catching up to the plan actually... so after a surprise birthday trip to Vegas, combined with a stressful last week... I did my version of a sunday nine mile run (7.5 hill run + 1 mi walking cool down) on Thursday night, and then was wisked away to Vegas until late Sunday night. Lots of walking and running but no dancing...

So yesterday I sat down to play catch up with my Hal Higdon plan and I'm going to post it to keep myself more accountable. Due to a quick scheduling break yesterday, I only did 3.5 instead of 5, so I'll make that up today...

Tues 4/28: 4.5 mi
Wed. 4/29: 10 mi
Thurs 4/30: easy XT
Fri 5/1: 3 mi
Sat 5/2: Rest
Sun 5/3: 5 mi
Mon 5/4: 3 mi
Tues 5/5: 7 mi
Wed 5/6: easy XT
Thurs 5/7: 4 mi
Fri 5/8: 6 mi
Sat 5/9: 3 mi
Sun 5/10: 12 mi

Then picking up with 8 of the Hal Higdon Novice I Plan!

Oh boy oh boy...

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