Monday, April 6, 2009

7 mile Sunday!

I was a little sore after the Cap10K combined with a busy week and slacked a little. Friday, I had a client cancel so I was able to make it home and take the dog out for just under 30 minutes and just under 3 miles. My calves were tight the first 2 miles then finally loosened. Funny how it took a run to make them not sore. I need to make a mental note of that one!!!

So this weekend we had 7 miles scheduled. We're moving Hal's schedule one day over since Sundays are much better long run days for us.

We headed down to beautiful Town Lake and went on the 6.9 mile loop. We ran all the way out, stopped and stretched and got water (Austin is awesome and the runnning have water coolers set up!) walked about 5-10 minutes than ran the rest of the way back. We did probably a little under a 10 minute mile pace. T is working on his breathing and being able to pace.

Today we are doing an hour of XT, which means I get to sit on the bike and read for an hour. Pretty excited about that!

Here's to a happy running week!

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