Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cap 10K

This past Saturday we ran the Cap 10K! It's a fun, huge (18,000 people) 10K race. I've done it every year I've lived here.

I ran w/ the roomie and we finished in 59:52! Yay Sub 1 hour!!!!

T got distracted by hills (sprinted), Krispy Kremes (ate), water stops (water fights), and trying to find us, so he jogging in a few minutes after us!

We were a little sore, but it got me motivated. The first half of it was hard... my feet and legs were frozen from waiting for an hour, but the second half felt REALLY good!!! And we ran it all no problem! :-)


  1. sounds so fun!!! congrats on a great race :)

  2. someone else actually reads this blog...

  3. Rach said she saw you at the end of the race, but you were too far away to say hi. And I like T's way of running the race...sounds like him.