Friday, March 13, 2009

I Think I Have A Plan

I decided to just start doing Hal Higdon's novice plan for the next three weeks to start with. After I see how that goes I'll decide whether to do the novice or the intermediate.

I was supposed to do 3 easy miles at the gym last night. I did 1.5 really easily (5.8 mph), then did some intervals at 8mph (for .25) for the rest of the mileage. While overall, I was tired (boo to being sick), I did it and I'm glad I did! Then I did some stretching and abs and legs. One exciting outcome was I could pretty easily touch my toes with my legs stretched out together. I am one of the least flexible people so this is quite a feat for myself!

Today is a rest day; it is also T and my 8mo anniversary. We are going to dinner tonight then off to a little winery town nearby to see some of his family this weekend. The weekend long run is supposed to be 6 miles...

Wish me luck

1 comment:

  1. Happy 8 month anniversary :)

    great job on the run and flexibility! I cannot touch my toes ever :(

    good luck on your 6 miler this weekend!!