Thursday, March 26, 2009

Left Leg Weirdness

So I went for my run on Tuesday, just 3 miles. Last weekend my leg knee was a little funny... like if I stepped down a step and put all my weight on my left leg, my knee felt weak.

So when I went for my run, at about 1.5 miles my left leg from knee to ankle felt really tight. I did another mile half walking half running then stretched it out a bunch.

I took yesterday off. I'll do another 3 miles today and see how it goes...

Oh silly leg

Oh! I just realized that this week was the 18th week away so I'm starting at Week 1 of Novice. I realized I was being WAY too amitious thinking about doing the intermediate. I may add a little extra cross training onto the Novice though.



  1. You got to do whatever you can to run as much as possible.

    Mileage, mileage, mileage

  2. That was my comment, I guess Kristina was logged in to gmail on my computer.