Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I found this blog from this woman about my age back in my beloved San Francisco area Cali (oh how I miss thee)

She has an awesome and intense running plan and I only hope I can get that consistant!

Going to the gym after work today... going to move into it slowly since I've been (make that: am) sick, but I need to MOVE!

Since T and I fell off the inital plan, I need to replan. A friend recommended Hal Higdon's plans which are 18 weeks. We have about 21 weeks left. I am going to come up with a Get Ready For Hal 3 week plan and pick which of Hal Higdon's plans would be best.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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  1. Hi!! glad you found my blog and like it so much :) congrats on signing up for your first full marathon!!! SFM was my first one too in 2008 (I have a race report from Aug on my blog if you want to read). Its a challenging but very awesome marathon :) I don't think I am running it this year, but will most likely be out there supporting!! Thanks again for the comment!