Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keep the Miles Coming!

I feel like I am finally in training again!!

Friday late afternoon, when it was 90* out, feels like 95*, I did a hot 5 miles at around a 10:30 pace. I was just excited to have done it and felt good!

Saturday... well, we blew off Bikram since it was gorgeous out and T and I went to eat dinner on the water. The deal w/ the roomie was we'd get up for her to do yoga at 8 and me to run 8 miles. I got up and did my 8 miles in two runs. I brought the noodle pup at first, but she didn't do so well. We did about 4.4, and then I went on my own for the remaining and did 3.7 to be safe. They were slow, but I did it!

Last night, my Garmin hadn't charged and I had had a little wine so I just ran a quick mile around the block.

14 more miles added on!

Mileage Goal: 117/1000

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