Friday, May 21, 2010

More days; More miles!

So I got to my 5K late on Wednesday night, so no chip for me. I did have my trusty Garmin so I wasn't worried though. I finished the 5K at a 9:12 pace (better than last week!!!) and then jogged it out to get around 3.5 miles. That gets me to 101 miles for the year.

Last night, my roomie and I went out for a super easy jog. She is just getting back into running, so it was exciting that she ran 2 miles with me (and the pups) instead of walking! Go Roomie!

Mileage Goal: 103/1000

Today I finish work earlier than usual, so I hope to get a 4-5 mile run in again. Tomorrow I'm probably going to do Bikram Yoga with friends again and possibly an easy 2 miles. Sunday the goal is a long run (~8miles)

Let the training begin!

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