Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Fitness Goals

This year my guy and I are really trying to focus on fitness, among other things. We are both big believers in everything in moderation, so we aren't going on any crazy strict diet, or exercise regime, but making a concerted effort to get back in shape, and do so together. My personal fitness goals are as follows:

* Set a PR in Austin Marathon on 2/20/11

* Run a sub 2:15 half on 4/16/2011

* Set a PR on a half or full marathon after the above

* Run a sub 55 min 10K

* Run 1000 miles (trying again after last year's miserable fail)

So far, I did 3 miles at the gym yesterday

Total Miles: 3


  1. great goals! I'll gladly join you for some runs :) and ALSO, I can't wait to hear about the personal training sessions!