Saturday, March 19, 2011

Running on Hold

I am juggling too many balls... The past month or so has been tough for me. I'm struggling with trying to feel like I have any sort of control right now. In February, I spent 245 hours out of the house for work. My mom was in town for 3 days when it didn't work at all. This means that over the remaining 25 days, I was out of the house, on average, 9.8 hours EVERY day. This doesn't count the house I work on things for my business at home, which I would guess it at least 10 hours a week. (Should be more, but as you can see... I don't really have the hours!)

So I made some lists... On Hold, Low Priority, High Priority. Getting outside and general exercise are on the low priority until June. Specific run training is On Hold.

The main struggle I keep running into is I know exercising will help me feel better, but if it costs me 2 hours of sleep that I barely have is it worth it. Sleep or exercise... which is better for me right now? Luckily, my job is very movement based so it's not like I'm just sitting at a desk all day.

I am looking forward to June and beyond when I will have time to focus on running. I am doing the Nike Women's Marathon again, and this time I am going to be ready!!!

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