Monday, February 16, 2009

Woo Hoo! We are back again!

Yes! This morning T went to the gym and did a nice 4 miler around a 10 minute pace. :-) That's his first good run in probably 4 weeks at least if not a full on month.

After work today I was in NO mood to go to the gym. I'm still tired from NYC. But I made myself go... and I'm glad I did. I wanted to do 4, so I set the time for 45 minutes in case I went under a 10 minute pace. Well, I was feeling good, so I upped it a little 20-some minutes in, then a little more, and a little more... then finished out running the 45 minutes and did 3.5 minutes more to hit 5 miles. :-D A nice, not very hard, feeling good 5 miler. Oh yeah baby!!!

Let's hope tomorrow holds more of the same!

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