Friday, December 26, 2008

And so the training commences!

Today is the first day of official marathon training. We had a great holidays, from Cali to Texas. The last three days we have eaten beef... lots of meat and salad. Now it is back on Track. We are somewhat going to follow a training program in a book by Jeff Galloway. He is the runner who says to run-walk-run-walk, but neither T or I am a fan of that method. Instead, we will follow most of his general XT /run mileage program, but actually run all of the runs. The program in the book starts with XT on Monday, so today T and I are going to run 30 minutes, then XT tomorrow, and run 30 minutes again on Sunday. After that we will start to follow the written plan moreso.

T has decided he wants to follow the training plan to run a 3:30 (~8min/mi) pace. I personally will be excited if (1) I run the whole time (2) I can do a 10 minute pace. Right now, both of those are lofty goals, but I'm all for pushing myself within reason. ;-)

In other running news, T's little brother is going to run it with us. He signeed up yesterday. Now I just need to get my brother on board, although he could "school us all" as he says.

Here's to a first official training run!!!

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