Sunday, December 28, 2008

Interrupted by Life Already!

So the plan was the run for about 30 minutes today. About 10am this morning, we discovered a water pipe outside had burst. So we (and by we I mean mainly T) spent the next many hours finding and turning off the main water line,running to T's house to shower, digging a hole to figure out what pipes we needed, multiple runs to Lowes, and fixing the pipe. Then after the dogs sneaked out a few time, T fixed one fence and put a new latch on another, while I got busy with the leaf blower trying to clean out behind the bushes in the front of my yard. I filled up more than 6 30 gal bags of leaves.

Then it was shower and our dinner date we had planned, and now we are about to watch a movie by a fire. So no run today, but lots of physical activity! T is working all day tomorrow and I'll do some XT at the gym and some more yardwork. On the training plan tomorrow is the first official day and it's a XT day anyways...

So here's to life ::raises wine glass::

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