Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Snag...

While doing yardwork this afternoon the dogs barreled me over and I twisted my ankle some. It hurt a little just after, but then felt okay to walk on. I decided to still try and go for a run. I ran for 10 minutes, but I could still feel it, and it wasn't getting any better. So we walk for another 35 minutes. Hopefully my ankle feels better in the morning; it's not swollen or anything.

Tomorrow's run was supposed to be 20-30 minutes. So I'm going to swap today and tomorrow and assuming everything is good tomorrow, do the 40-50 tomorrow and count today's as the 20-30.

We went out with friends who are staying with me last night, and T worked a 12 hr shift again today. He said he would likely be too tired to run after, so he is going to make it up tomorrow or Thursdays (a XT day).

So we're not the best at following a plan... but we're trying!

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