Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 1 & 2 of Training: Completed!

The exercising part of training is going... the eating/nutrition part: not so much yet. Friday we ran about 2.9 miles in 27 minutes, then cool down walked the remaining 3 minutes. We did some stretching after that.

Yesterday was XT day. T went to the gym and did 30 minutes in the gym. I went to my gym and did 35 minutes on the bike, easy. Bike riding at the gym goes much faster if you have a book to read. I read Outliers, the new Malcolm Gladwell book. One of the chapters was on how long it takes to become an expert in something. The official tally is 10,000 hours... pretty incredible. I wonder if the same thing applies to running? (That is a LOT of running.) Even if you ran an average of 6mph that would be 60,000 miles logged!

Today we are going to do about another 30 minutes before beginning the book plan tomorrow. I think with all the holiday parties and such this week, I will try to keep an eye on my eating habits, but won't get too serious about it until vacation ends on the 5th.

So 2 days down... 6 months and 28 days left!

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