Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ankle Anguish

So yesterday, T (who is a paramedic) checked out my ankle and determined it was a minor sprain.
I stayed off it yesterday; we ace bandaged it for a little during the day and at night. It feels okay over all, just a little sore if I move it certain ways...

So Mondays XT was done; Tuesdays was cut short (20-30 instead of 40-50). Wednesday was skipped.

Make Up Workouts Needed: 40-50 minute run (I'm going to give the ankle a few more days before that one.) XT

I should do the XT today; we are headed to the gym soon. Luckily we are going to T's gym, so I can always swim if the bike or elliptical hurt. One nice thing about having 7 months to train is that we have a little leeway for such things. :-)

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