Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Accepting the Process

Yesterday, I had a schedule chance so I ran to the gym between clients and did a 45 minute hill course on the bike.  I even put the resistance a little higher than usual.  It was tough at points, but felt good afterwards as usual.

One things I'm struggling with is being patient.  The marathon is still a whopping 194 days away, so I have plenty of time.  It just is frustrating when I can't run as fast or as far as I want to.  I know from previous half marathon races, that the endurance part of running is very much a mental game for me.  All three times, I was always able to run further and stronger than I thought.  I have lots some of my base that I had 3 years ago since I rarely run anymore.  T has a really strong base; he can consistantly do a 6 mile path outdoors in under 45 minutes.  Speed-wise he has me easily.  My fastest 1 mile ever was 6:58!  Just gotta keep plugging away I guess.

Today is 40-50 minutes of running, and then hopefully, I'll be at the new gym and can use the pool for some lazy laps.

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