Sunday, January 11, 2009

Runner's High!

So after being at the house all day, helping a 6th grader with homework, going through paperwork, etc, the roomie and I finally went to the gym tonight.  My calf was a little sore, so I was just going to do 45 minutes of a semi hill courese (so I thought.)

Well, it started me out just walking and then did a big hill, then I upped the speed so I was running.  After about 20 minutes, I decided to just do 30 minutes, then walk the rest.  Right before I hit 30, T sent me a lovely email, and I decided I could make it to 45.  I got to 45 and decided I wanted to hit the 5 mile mark (since today was 5-7 miles).  So I kept going... and even at 5 I kinda wanted to continue!  It's my first Runner's High since I started training!  YAY!!!  I did stop at 5 miles (about 53 minutes) and walk the remaining time to 1hr.  Then the roomie and I did some stretching.

But it felt so good!  And it went by quick, didn't seem like an hour at all, and I didn't even have any magazines or anything to look at.  Legs all tingly and such :-)  Yes!

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