Friday, January 9, 2009

XT: Rock Climbing!

Last night we went to T's gym to do some XT. We decided to do some rock climbing, something he is into, but something I've only half tried once. Overall, it was pretty fun! A great arms workout and a little nerve-racking at times. We did that for about an hour, then did 15 minutes on the bike and a minute or two of abs. We went and had salads afterwards.

Today is supposed to be a 40-50 minute run. T isn't working today, so he'll probably do it at some point. I am exhausted and working from 7:30-7:00pm or later and just know it's not going to happen. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, and I'll try to fit it in then instead. (I'm working 8:45-5:30.) As the runs get longer, I'm going to have to work on my time management skills to make sure I fit them in!

Happy Friday!

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