Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And so the Challenge begins!

Sunday night, T and I signed up for the San Francisco FULL marathon this summer. The race is on July 26, 2009. CRAZY. I have run the SF Half twice, and an Austin half once, and T runs around the lake a lot. We are both going to have to train... which I've never really done in the past.

We leave for the holidays on Thursday, so official training shall commence December 26, 2008. That gives us exactly 7 months to train. We will use the next week and a bit to figure out how we are going to train. Given our personalities, I don't think we will have a crazy strict schedule, or a rigid meal plan, but we are going to try to train in some systematic way. T goes to the gym nearly daily, and I make it about 2-4 times a week. (That will need to be upped!) Sadly, we belong to different gyms.

One of the biggest challenges is going to be scheduling. We only have so much time together, usually later in the evenings, and the social calendar tends to fill up. I tend to make references to "as soon as things aren't so busy" at which point T reminds me "things are always busy".

So this blog is to keep me accountable... comments, suggestions, training tips are more than welcomed!

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